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Title: Couples Therapy
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As a single dad, it's important to make sure that your children remain your first priority. While it's nice to find new love and explore it, you don't want your children to feel like they've taken a backseat position in your life. Though navigating through the process can be tricky, you can find love with a significant other and be an excellent father at the same time. Consider these three tips.

1. Take things slowly.
When you're first getting started, try not to unload. When you're a single dad, it can be understandably lonely. While it's nice to have a companion, don't look at your new date as the help. Don't unload all of your problems on the first date. It's also a good idea to take things slow by starting with a coffee date. A coffee date takes the pressure off and gives you a chance to engage in conversation.

2. Don't introduce the children right away.
While it might be tempting to introduce your children to someone new you love, it's best to give it time.  You never know if you’ll find out about a dealbreaker. Now, there’s a relationship that’s over. You don’t want your children to get used to a constant flow of new women in your life. Children need consistency. As a father, you can offer that to them by keeping the girlfriend private for a while. When you’re able to perceive that things are getting serious, it’s best to introduce the children.

3. Invest in couples' therapy.
While you definitely don’t need to take this step on the first couple dates, it’s a good idea to consider couples therapy Weschester County NY ( as the relationship becomes more serious. There are many gray areas that can pull couples apart because they’re afraid to have the conversation. If you two decide to utilize couples’ therapy, understand that this is a great forum to start the conversation surrounding your finances, sexual past and other areas that can be really delicate. Once you’re able to get through these conversations together, you’ll build a stronger foundation.