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Title: How to ensure your child's safety in school?
Post by: ParentingGyaan on November 14, 2018, 04:40:56 AM
School safety and security of children in schools has turned into a real-time concern for parents.

What can a parent do to look for school safety and what a parent should do to ensure safety?

Concerns like these bring us to the stage that parents will need to talk to the school authorities and ask these questions to understand how well-prepared the school administration is all about keeping our children safe in case of emergency/crisis.

Evaluation of school safety

Evaluate yourself as a parent, if you are following the various school safety procedures in making the school safe. Support the teachers and school administration, whenever needed.

Being watch guards to your child’s school and also preparing him for his own safety and security will go long way in making sure that your child is secure!

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