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Title: The DaddyPlace Constitution - Please Read
Post by: Keith on January 24, 2007, 10:23:55 PM
The DaddyPlace Constitution

1. This is a dads only site.   Please no females or children that want to act like a dad.   We are dads here for other dads in need of support or just laughter.    We reserve the right to revoke any membership if we (forum management) feel that a member is not a dad or a father.

2. A Member who signs up on this board just to spew propaganda & hate will probably not be here very long. First post that flame will result in the new member being banned immediately – no questions asked. If we see that you are just here to be an ass, you will be removed as a member of this board.

3. Spammers will be banned

4. Posting of pornographic photo's or drawing's is not permitted!

5. Vulgar or lewd posts are discouraged.

6. No personal attacks will be tolerated anywhere on this site (Posts or PM's).

- PERSONAL: relating to, or affecting a person; private,
individual; relating to an individual or an individual's
character, conduct, motives, or private affairs.

- ATTACK(s): to assail with cruel, offensive, or bitter
words; to begin to affect or to act on injuriously; to
forcefully press upon in a hostile and belligerent manner.

7. Harrassing/Spam Posts: If there is a post that is meant for none other than to harrass/bully/cause trouble for someone, or has nothing to do with the board, aka spam, it will be deleted. If your soul purpose to come here is to ONLY advertise your board, your post will be deleted. This board does not allow posting any links to illegal or pornographic activities, or boards discussing such

8. Different views and opinions will be tolerated and discussed. Heated debates are welcome, just don't get too carried away with insults

9. NSFW/GC (Not Suitable For Work / Graphic Content): Posting photographs or links of material with graphic contact or that is not suitable for work will have in caps, **NSFW/GC** in the beginning of the subject line.

10. This is the internet people. Please protect your identity. At times some sensitive info can be given here unintentionally; therefore, any unauthorized use of our personal identities and information will result in an immediate ban.

11. Defying a request of an administrator or moderator is disrespectful and can result in the member being banned. Admins and moderators are not here to be your mother nor are they tyrants. Admins and moderators are here to ensure that the board does not get out of control and that the board remains true to its intended purpose.

12. Personal and aggressive abusive commentary about and towards a Moderator and/or Administrator is not permitted.

We are a site for dads. Being dads, and helping other dads, should be our first priorities for our website. Entertaining, humor, and strong opinions are welcome and beneficial to our purposes, as long as they don't conflict with our first priority.

This site is very dynamic and is growing more and more. Management reserves the right to modify these rules as they deem necessary to accommodate these changes.