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Buy Online to Reduce Your Horse Ownership Costs
 Keith | March 16, 2018, 07:43:39 PM
Horse ownership as a hobby or a business involves certain expenses that cannot be ignored. Not only do equines require adequate feed, housing and turn...
SAHD Board
 Cristie Grego | March 16, 2018, 12:03:56 PM
Maybe it's just a little early in the morning for me :BNB: :BNB:...
Preparing to Move North of the Border
 Keith | January 10, 2018, 09:46:53 PM
The idea of moving to Canada fascinates many Americans.  The two countries share a lot of similarities.  However, they also differ in numero...
How to Find Help With Selling a Timeshare
 Keith | January 09, 2018, 04:15:54 PM
Owning a timeshare can be a great option for people who have families and are able to take advantage of it often enough to make it worth the cost. Own...
VPN for torrenting
 bpunch | January 02, 2018, 06:33:22 AM
As torrents allow illegal downloads, therefore, its a solid chance to have some kind of malware and viruses attached in torrent files, I recommend to ...
To go again or not to go again?.... that is the question!
 Richinho | December 31, 2017, 05:23:38 AM
Hey guys,I am new to the site so "Hey!".  I am just looking to reach out for some feedback, hoping that maybe someone has been in a similar situa...
Stocking Up on Firewood without the Muscle Work
 Keith | December 06, 2017, 08:29:35 PM
It used to be that chopping and splitting wood were both time consuming and backbreaking tasks.  You had to spend hours cutting down trees, sawin...
When it Comes to Recreation, Don't Be Left Out In the Cold
 Keith | December 06, 2017, 08:25:39 PM
Do you need a gift idea for the outdoor enthusiast who has everything? Consider a hunting seat warmer. Whether you treat yourself or someone else, the...
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Outdoors / Buy Online to Reduce Your Horse Ownership Costs
« Last post by Keith on March 16, 2018, 07:43:39 PM »

Horse ownership as a hobby or a business involves certain expenses that cannot be ignored. Not only do equines require adequate feed, housing and turnout areas with safe fencing, but they also have specific health needs. Veterinarians recommend all horses receive annual vaccinations to prevent tetanus, equine encephalomyelitis and flu in the spring. These basic shots should be given twice within the first six months of the first year, and annually thereafter. In warmer climates where mosquitoes are prevalent, horses should also get a semi-annual vaccination to prevent West Nile and Potomac Horse Fever. Many horse owners also schedule an annual rabies vaccination for their equines that must be given by a licensed veterinarian who will file the necessary report.

Some horse owners feel comfortable administering some IM injections, but other  vaccines are only available with a veterinary prescription. In addition to the recommended annual or semi-annual vaccinations, horses should also be wormed on a regular basis to prevent internal parasites. There are various deworming products available, and it is recommended a rotation schedule is used to prevent parasite resistance. Most equine owners are able to treat their own animals for worms, but some horses can put up quite a fight. In addition to the paste wormers, there are also liquid, pelleted and powdered versions that can be added to the grain ration. Unfortunately, many horses are able to detect the medication in their feed and refuse to eat it, so the owner may need help from a vet or trainer.

Horses are large and powerful animals with most weighing in at more than a thousand pounds. Sometimes people believe the athletic ability of their horses means they are able to perform well with little or no preparation. This is not true because equines athletes need time and training to build up their muscles and to prevent damage to their joints. The incredible strength required of performance horses often results in subtle joint and muscle damage followed by the eventual development of arthritis. In addition to the physical stress placed on hard-working performance horses, other equine ailments such as ulcers require regular supplementation to maintain a healthy and useful life.

Equines that develop varying degrees of lameness or a reluctance to work should be evaluated by a veterinarian. The animal may need a daily supplement to reduce inflammation and pain, so a medical diagnosis is needed to determine what is required. The veterinary clinic will be able to provide whatever supplement or medication is needed, or the owner can visit Vet Products Direct for horse supplements at a lower cost.

Experienced horse owners know horses often sustain minor injuries they can treat, so it is essential to keep a supply of bandages and wound treatment products on hand.
In addition to health related products, online stores typically carry a variety of supplies including insect repellents, tack and other horse related products. Grooming products, equine shampoos and conditioners are helpful in keeping horses looking shiny and well-kept.

Stay at home Dad Discussions Board (SAHD) / Re: SAHD Board
« Last post by Cristie Grego on March 16, 2018, 12:03:56 PM »
Maybe it's just a little early in the morning for me :BNB: :BNB:
Home Improvements / Preparing to Move North of the Border
« Last post by Keith on January 10, 2018, 09:46:53 PM »

The idea of moving to Canada fascinates many Americans.  The two countries share a lot of similarities.  However, they also differ in numerous important ways.

When you are serious about relocating to Canada, you might want to do some research to ensure you are ready to make that move.  You can find out most or all of what you need to know at your local Canadian embassy, by speaking with people from Canada, and by using the information online at websites like https://www.siminca.com/en

Readying Yourself for Residency

Like most countries, Canada utilizes a fairly stringent process to vet people who want to become permanent residents.  When you want to pass this initial step with ease, you need to discover what is required of you as an immigrant and how you can adapt to the country's way of life without getting into legal trouble.

You can find information about the culture, economy, and other aspects of the Canadian way of life online.  The website goes into detail about everything from holidays to what kinds of jobs are available for newcomers to the country.  This information could give you a heads up on where to look for work and what kind of behavior to exhibit so that you fit in right away.

You can also find out your readiness to move to Canada by taking the free assessment found on the website.  This assessment will tell you what assets you have right now and what aspects of your life you need to work on before you move.

Studying in Canada

When you do not want to move to Canada permanently, you might find it better to travel there to study.  This country has a plethora of universities that welcome international students.  While many of the subjects you will study there are the same as what you would find in American universities, you also may be surprised to find courses that are altogether new and unknown to you.

The academic structure in Canada has differences for which you might want to prepare now before you depart for your journey.  You can learn about the university curriculum that you might encounter as well as other important details about being a successful student in Canada by visiting the website.  You likewise may find out more about financing your studies and for what kinds of financial aid you might be eligible once you arrive.

Canada welcomes millions of visitors each year, some of whom plan to stay forever.  When you count yourself as one of the many who will travel north of the border this year, you can prepare now by utilizing the immigration and study information found online today.
Home Improvements / How to Find Help With Selling a Timeshare
« Last post by Keith on January 09, 2018, 04:15:54 PM »

Owning a timeshare can be a great option for people who have families and are able to take advantage of it often enough to make it worth the cost. Owning a timeshare is a convenient way to cut down on vacation expenses, and it is sometimes possible for owners to sell some of their time to members of their extended family or close friends. Unfortunately, time has a way of changing things as children leave home and the advancing age of the timeshare owners prevents them from enjoying the property to the same extent as before. When this situation develops the timeshare becomes a financial burden, so most owners make the decision to sell it.

Selling a timeshare is not as simple as people are led to believe when they purchase the contract. Most people soon discover the company from which they purchased their timeshare is not necessarily interested in buying it back or even taking it back for free. At this point timeshare owners who want or need to sell their contract can find help online by responding to the click here button found on any sites that offer assistance with timeshare sales. However, it is important to avoid unscrupulous individuals who promise to find a buyer for a fee.

Selling timeshare is similar to selling a home or other types or real estate in that there is a title that will be transferred to the new owner. The buyer must also enter into a contract with the original seller since they will be responsible for maintenance fees and the full timeshare agreement. Terminating a timeshare is even more difficult if the full purchase amount has not been paid, but an attorney specializing in these situations can help.

Senior citizens who own a timeshare are able to enjoy quiet vacations there as long as they remain healthy and active, but their circumstances can change quickly. A catastrophic illness can create a financial hardship due to increasing medical costs or even death. Children who have enjoyed using the timeshare are sometimes able to take over the maintenance fees, but this is not often an option. While timeshare owners are sometimes able to find a buyer through advertising, most people need professional help to find a qualified buyer without a great deal of stress.
Computers, Tech and Home Electronics / Re: VPN for torrenting
« Last post by bpunch on January 02, 2018, 06:33:22 AM »
As torrents allow illegal downloads, therefore, its a solid chance to have some kind of malware and viruses attached in torrent files, I recommend to use VPN such as express vpn or try using trusted torrent sites according to the top google torrents resultfor safer download the media to your pc.
Family Talk / To go again or not to go again?.... that is the question!
« Last post by Richinho on December 31, 2017, 05:23:38 AM »
Hey guys,

I am new to the site so "Hey!".  I am just looking to reach out for some feedback, hoping that maybe someone has been in a similar situation.  I am the father of 2 girls aged 2 and 4.  My wife is making some seriously loud noises about going for no.3 not to mention anyone that hears that our youngest is 2 now is playing the "time for no.3" card.  Here is my dilemma...

1. When our 4 year old was born, there was no complications during the pregnancy and the brith was as straight forward as it could be.  Of course times were hard when she arrived as they usually are in the first year or so but overall (and compared to no.2 she was a breeze!).
2. Pregnancy no.2 was almost the exact opposite.  When we went for the 8 week scan we found out we were having twins.  It was a shock at first but we quickly fell in love with the idea of having twins.  Unfortunately when we went for our 18 week scan we discovered we had lost twin 1.  Coupled with the initial "what the **ck!!" the nurse then says there is a chance of shunting and twin 2 could be mentally disabled!!!  We walked on eggshells for the remainder of the pregnancy and because we didn't want to pollute our survivor with sorrow or negative vibes.  Because of this we never really got to mourn the loss of twin 1 (Star).  I personally still haven't had the chance to mourn as men we have to stay strong for our women and crack on.  The truth of it is its left a deep scar on me.  I honestly don't want to open our marriage up to something like that again.  I couldn't bare to see my wife that broken again.
If someone could offer me a third healthy straight forward kid I think I would be ok with it but the thoughts of going through the 40 weeks on eggshells again, attending each scan on the edge of my seat.  I just don't think I have it in me. 
We spoke a while back about going again and we both agreed we were on the fence but there has been a shift in my wife over the last while and it think she is well and truly on the side of going again and is just waiting on me to agree.  She's also said if we aren't going again she wants me to get the snip.  My head is melted over it.  Do I want another kid? 90% yes.... Do I want to go through the pregnancy phase again? No!  :banghead:
Has anyone been in a similar situation before?  Or have any CONSTRUCTIVE thoughts on the matter?
Anything Allowed / Stocking Up on Firewood without the Muscle Work
« Last post by Keith on December 06, 2017, 08:29:35 PM »

It used to be that chopping and splitting wood were both time consuming and backbreaking tasks.  You had to spend hours cutting down trees, sawing the trunks into logs, and then splitting those logs into wood that you could put into your fireplace.  By the end of the day, you were probably sweaty and exhausted.

Still, it was the only way to get the firewood you needed for winter stocked up and ready to use.  Thanks to inventions like the electric chainsaw, power ax, and gas log splitter Canada residents like you no longer have to devote hours of hard work to this task.  You can now get the firewood you need in a fraction of the time without investing the muscle power or sweat equity.

Shopping for New Models

If you have never seen one of these machines in action, you may wonder how they operate and what kind of advantages they can offer you as the consumer.  They use a basic conveyor belt operation that holds the log in place while steadily moving it toward the splitter.  The entire process takes a matter of seconds and allows the split log to fall to the ground once it has been chopped in half.

Further, the machine does not need to be hooked up to a power cord or kept on a charging station for hours before you can use it.  Its gas motor allows it to be portable, meaning you can take it into the woods with you.  You do not have to haul home the logs and unload them into a pile for splitting.  You can split the logs and load them into the back of your pickup before you head home.

You can find these machines for sale on the company's website.  All of the available models come with full descriptions so you can find out what kind of horsepower the motor has, how fast it operates, and other details.  These facts may come in handy for deciding which one would suit your needs best.

The website also lists the prices right under the hyperlinked names of each model.  You will know exactly how much the machine you are interested in will cost you before you finish the online checkout process.

Splitting logs no longer has to be a time consuming task.  You can make it easier with a gas log splitter.
Outdoors / When it Comes to Recreation, Don't Be Left Out In the Cold
« Last post by Keith on December 06, 2017, 08:25:39 PM »

Do you need a gift idea for the outdoor enthusiast who has everything? Consider a hunting seat warmer. Whether you treat yourself or someone else, there are benefits to the product that go beyond mere comfort. Not only can enduring excessive cold ruin your or your kids' outdoor enjoyment, extended exposure to cold can lead to muscle and joint stiffness or even hypothermia.

Seat warmers are lightweight and portable, so you can take them anywhere. You can even keep a few in your vehicle for emergency use. Electric seat heaters are also good to use in your vehicle if you don't have built-in car seat heaters, and they're great for:

- fishing, either in a boat or on ice
- outdoor concerts
- sporting events
- camping
- hunting blinds

How To Choose a Seat Warmer

Seat warmers are available in several styles, the most common of which is a basic cushion with heated fibers which are powered by a small battery pack. More advanced models, which are great for times when you'll need additional heating for an extended time period, are powered by rechargeable ion-litium batteries. This is the same type of technology that powers your laptop and mobile devices, and it can keep your seat heated for up to five hours. You can even find models that contains 5V, 2.1A USB ports and a compatible charging station that enables recharging even in remote areas and three separate heat settings for more flexibility.

Although the average temperature of these seated heat cushions can reach about 85 degrees, most have built-in safeguards to evenly distribute heat and keep the unit from overheating. If the brand you choose doens't have a sensor to prevent overheating, you can avoid injury to yourself or your children by layering clothes, putting an additional cover over the seat or by using the lowest heat setting and turning the unit off occasionally.

Care and Maintenance

Since seat warmers contain batteries, heating elements and other electronic components, you definitely don't want to put them in the washing machine or plunge them in water unless they're labeled 'submersible.' Most designs have a removable outer cover that an be washed, and care instructions are usually located on a tag or in the package. There are also brands that are completely water-resistant. As with most things, you get what you pay for, os why skimp?

Many newer designs are waterproof, but if you have a spill or encounter sudden rain, remove the cover immediately to inspect for sign of infiltration to the heating compartment. Do not use your heated seat cushion until you are certain the interior is free of any moisture or moisture damage. You should also inspect your heated seat periodically for tears or damage; if any is found, discontinue use until it can be repaired.

Dads need a little R & R from time to time, especially if they're full-time, stay at home parents. Whether you go away for the weekend with the boys or bond with your kids in the great outdoors, there's not reason you can't do it in comfort. You can find seat warmers and other hunting and camping accessories at your local sporting goods or department store as well as through many online retail outlets.
Family Talk / Tips for Planning a Family Vacation for Less
« Last post by Keith on November 30, 2017, 08:11:28 PM »

Whether you have a single child or multiple kids, you know that planning a family vacation can cost more than you want to spend and more than your family can afford. When your kids are younger, you can get by with trips close to home because they don't know any better. As your kids age though, they'll likely want to go to amusement parks and on exciting adventures that they can share with their friends. Regardless of how much money you have in your vacation budget, you can still find some ways to spend less on your trip.

Consider Camping

Camping is a suitable alternative for those looking to travel for less. Major amusement parks like Disney World are close to campgrounds that charge $100 or less per night, though you will need to bring your own camping gear. Some of these campgrounds have cabins, yurts and/or trailers that you can rent for a few nights too. Camping is typically more affordable than staying in a hotel room.

Look for Extras

No matter where you decide to stay, find out if there are any extra features that you can take advantage of while on your trip. A hotel that offers a full breakfast in the morning can help you save on the cost of eating out. You can even grab individual boxes of cereal, fruit and other items to bring back to your room for snacks and smaller meals later. Some hotels have their own water parks and clubs for kids that offer activities for younger children as well as teenagers.

Check for Discounts

Call the hotel or campground in advance to ask about any discounts it offers for local attractions. Many parks, museums and other attractions partner with local hotels and allow those hotels to sell tickets to those attractions for a discounted rate. You can often purchase your tickets and have the price added to your bill before you check in at the front desk. Hotels usually have tourist areas filled with brochures too that have coupons in the back. If you don't have any luck talking to the front desk, contact the chamber of commerce or the tourism department in the city to find out about discounts.

Rent a House

Many people stick to hotels when planning vacations because they want to stay close to the top attractions in the area. Staying in a hotel comes with some hassles though. You'll have a room right next to one or two other rooms that may house some noisy neighbors, and your family will find themselves waiting in line to check in, try out the pool and use any other amenities. Renting a house lets you have your own private place. You can get multiple bedrooms, a full kitchen and amenities like flat-screen televisions for less than a hotel room would cost.

Plan Last Minute

Though some people recommend that you plan family vacations months in advance, you can save quite a bit when you wait until the last minute. Dozens of websites specialize in last-minute trip deals. You can get a package with a flight and a hotel room or a room and a rental car for less than it would cost to book just one. Not only can you save money on your trip, but you can search for deals to destinations as close to or as far away from your home as your family would like.

Get More Cash

If you really want to take a trip and don't have the cash for one, look for ways to make some extra money for that trip. You can go through your home and gather things you no longer need, want or use like clothing and toys your kids outgrew or kitchen gadgets that you just used once. A yard sale lets you make money off those items. Selling old electronics is another way to make some extra cash, but you might consider taking out a dependable loan too. LoanConnect offers loans of different sizes for vacations and other uses. Getting together some extra money and using some simple tips will help you plan a family vacation to any destination for less.
Family Talk / Why Organic Products Are Better For Your Baby
« Last post by Keith on November 20, 2017, 11:16:56 AM »

Most parents are willing to go to any length to keep their babies safe, healthy and happy. For a lot of those same parents, this will include only giving your baby organic baby products to use or eat from reputable companies such as kippins.co. There is a never-ending amount of blogs and articles to read online about why you should give your baby organic food and products. However, not many parents understand exactly why they should only offer organic. Below are some top reasons and information about why organic products are best for your little ones.

Organic Versus Non-Organic

The decision whether a parent wants to spend the extra time and money giving their baby all organic foods and products is a big one. If you add GMOs into the mix as well, you will really begin to see the debates on which is best heat up. On one side of the spectrum, many parents and researchers will suggest that organic products are healthier because they do not contain many chemicals used in conventional products. The other side, the more conventional group of parents, will ascertain that organic-based foods and products are no healthier than their non-organic counterparts.

Cost And Chemicals

When you decide whether or not to treat your baby to organic products or not, you have to consider the cost and chemicals of choosing to. The pro-conventional groups will say that the cost of the organic products is not worth it. They say they have studies, quotes and other statistics needed to back up their claims. The pro-organic side of the spectrum will say that the amount of chemicals that are found in the baby products and foods are enough to outweigh the extra cost of the products. They also have their own set of studies, statistics and expert opinions to back up their own claims as well.

Organic Cotton For Babies

Cotton is one of the most available and affordable fabrics available on the market. Cotton is a very popular product for baby clothes because it is very soft on their skin and it doesn't usually cause any irritation to most. It is very durable and most often used for all things in the baby product world such as for bedding, bibs, burp rags and cloth diapers. However, for the organic-lovers out there, cotton comes with its own set up dirty statistics. It is said that the crops which grow cotton are heavily associated with pesticide and chemical use. These chemicals can have a huge impact on both the environment and the consumers, especially those with sensitive skin such as babies and young children. Organic cotton is grown without the use of any traditional forms of pesticide. This means that anything made out of the organic cotton will be free from any chemicals.

The decision to move from non-organic products to completely organic ones is a very personal choice. No one should ever judge or shame another parent for the choices they make for their babies. It is usually a choice made with the best in mind for their kids. If you do decide to move to more organic products, it doesn't have to be done all at once. Small changes here and there over time can be a much easier and affordable option for many families.

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