Author Topic: Income source for SAHD???  (Read 6437 times)

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Re: Income source for SAHD???
« Reply #15 on: March 02, 2012, 10:24:25 AM »
I'm interested in earning extra income online. Working from home appeals to me because of the freedom, you are your own boss. I've never heard of Leapforce, I shall look them up and see if I can earn some more money.

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Re: Income source for SAHD???
« Reply #16 on: July 23, 2012, 08:32:40 AM »
I'm working full time right now but I also work for an online company called Leapforce to kind of supplement my income. It pays more than my regular job and I've been kind of feeling it out to see if I can just do that full time. I've found it to be legit so I may actually do that, which would be awesome. Basically what you do is rate websites. I think the company itself works for Google. But it's all done from home. You just have to go to their website and apply like a regular job and if they pick you, you have to take an exam, which they give you the study material for, and it's pretty easy. You get paid a very decent hourly wage and they send you a paycheck once a month. And there's no set amount of hours you have to do. It can be done full time, or just a few hours throughout the month. It's a pretty good deal.

How did this work out Mason?

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Re: Income source for SAHD???
« Reply #17 on: July 24, 2012, 01:01:04 AM »
Im interested to know more about this as well. My family has a hard time getting by on just my wife's pay.


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Re: Income source for SAHD???
« Reply #18 on: July 26, 2012, 06:40:40 PM »
I'm good at baking chocolate and peanut cookies so I use my skill to bake and sell them to the neighborhood. My wife delivers some to her co-workers who order cookies from her. It's not much but at least I contribute my part financially.

My wife keeps trying to convince me to do this. Baking is my hobby and I'm pretty good at it, but I'm not sure I can do it in large quantities. How do u keep things fresh while you work up the batches? I can bake up to four loaves of bread at a time, but only about two dozen cookies in my oven.

My wife actually makes all the money and I take care of her and the kids. But every now and then I do research for probate courts finding lost heirs.


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