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DaddyPlace Movie Club How to:
« on: August 25, 2009, 05:34:48 PM »
The Rules have changed in regards to the timeframe to help keep the club going. Please read!

This Thread is designed to tell exactly how the DaddyPlace Movie Club (or DPMC) works.


   The goal of the DPMC is to get Dads together and enjoy a good movie and then have a mature discussion on the movie. The club makes you watch movies you love, movies you haven't seen before or in awhile and sometimes movies you would not normally watch on your own accord. The DPMC is here to broaden your horizons in a fun, friendly atmosphere and in general to help get to know eachother better. For those of you 360 Dads with Netflix it can also be an instant way to party from all over the country.

The first step is to sign up either by posting on one of the DPMC recruit threads or by PMing me, BigCox or another admin. Once signed up you will be added to the members list and then you will be elligible to pick a movie.

So who decides what movie we watch?

   When we started the DPMC we selected a member to choose a movie. After each movie is chosen, watched, and discussed that member chooses another DPMC member that hasn't yet chosen a movie to go next. They have one week to choose a movie or they forfeit that turn. The admins can either pick another member or pick a movie. If you fail to pick a movie in your week you will be elligible to be chosen as a movie picker by someone else.

What kind of movies can I choose?

   Since the DPMC is affiliated with DaddyPlace we ask that all movies be Rated R or below(NC-17 might be permitted depending on the movie,if one is chosen it will be up to the mods to determine if it is acceptable to watch). I also ask that the movie be out on DVD already. Not everyone can make it to the theatre to see a movie especially with babysitters, and the price of admissions etc. That being said we also want to try to make sure the movies are not New Rleases either. our goal is to make sure that every member will be able to get or watch a copy of the movie relatively cheaply if not free. That is not to say you have to pick a movie from the 80's just something that hasn't JUST come out. If you can watch it on Netflix, rent it from a video store for less than $3.00 or watch on a free movie site, then it is elligible.

I have been chosen as the next member to pick a movie, now what?

   Choose a movie following the guidelines above, then go to the TV/Movies section on DaddyPlace and start a new topic. The Thread's title should have your name and pick Example:  PFoF2's Movie Pick
in the thread state the title of your movie along with the year it came out as several movie titles have had remakes and we want everyone watching the same movie. Also list one or two of the major actor/actresses in the movie for easier finding.After you finish and post your thread the members will have 1 week to watch your movie. After about 3 days you can go back to that forum and start a new topic with your movies title and Discussion Thread if one isn't already made for you.  Example: Terminator Discussion Thread

Everyone has watched my movie and I have set up my Discussion thread, Now what?

   Movie discussion will last a few days maybe more if the thread is active, after that time your responsible for choosing another DPMC member to choose a movie. In your Discussion Thread Post who the next member is and then they can get started choosing a movie.

By The numbers

You have 1 week to choose a movie after you have been chosen.
Members have 1 week to watch said movie.
Discussion of movie lasts 3 - 4 days or until no more replies in your discussion thread and then another member is chosen.

After all the members have had a chance to choose a movie then the last person to choose a movie can choose any other member to choose the next movie except the person who previously chose them.. Keep it fair so everyone gets a turn.

Discussion Etiquette

When Discussing the movie remember the DaddyPlace Terms and conditions on language. We are all dads here and sometimes our kids or other family members might be looking on so be sure to be respectfull of eachother and keep it friendly.Not everyone is going to agree with what a good movie is or what makes a good movie. be ready to concede a point or admit that not everyone will like your movie choice. Don't take criticisms on the movie personally as everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Just like with the regular forums you can be banned from the site by Keith or any of the other Moderators for inappropriate behavior or anything that violates the DaddyPlace Terms.

Things that shouldn't have to be said but I will anyways.

No porn movies or cable versions of them is allowed.
Don't pick the same movie another member has already chosen.(I will make a new thread to help ya'll out with this)
No harrassing the current member to pick a movie you want because your turn hasn't come up yet.
When choosing a movie, be sure it is non offensive in nature. A documentary on the holocaust or a movie about White Supremacy even if it falls under the rating category is still disrespectful of the other members and should be avoided regardless of whether or not it is a good movie.

The Rest

So lets have fun, enjoy some good movies, talk about them what we like, or dislike, favorite parts or lines,any deeper meaning or messages in the movie.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask either in a post or by PMing me or another admin. I created the DPMC for us all to have fun and enjoy movies so lets get to it!

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