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Sodium One Salt Shooter
« on: February 18, 2010, 08:19:11 PM »
It's been awhile since I been here. I have been bouncing between MW2 and the GoW Collection. Plus I started school at Univ. of Phoenix but had to stop because they messed up their math and my out of pocket expense doubled from what they told me when I signed.

ANYHOOOOWW... sorry..

My son got hold of the controller to the PS3 and managed to log onto the HOME network. He apparently wandered around and ended up in some area and got upset because he couldn't do anything and came and got me. I wander in to find him in an area that's all desert nomad looking. Some robotic chick named Vicki offers help but I didn't want to do a bunch of reading. I wander around and stumble upon a game called Salt Shooter.

The game plays like an arcade game I played years back called Cybersled. The game gives you control of a tank like vehicle that has 3 fans it uses to keep you hovering. You start with a single gun and fight two waves of enemies. As you progress you earn bigger better weapons, countermeasures and thrusters and can upgrade them.

I love floating tanks in that you can turbo towards the enemy shooting then with a quick flick of the controls can fly by spin around and continue the devastation. The game also reminded me of a game on dreamcast that was similar but had more of a purpose to it. This game is just wave after wave of increasingly difficult enemies.

You can play the first five levels free plus they have a training game in another area that's you confined in a small circle with waves of baddies increasing in numbers as you go. If you want to play the whole game I believe it's only five bucks. Haven't purchased yet do to funds being tight from unemployment. Just got a job last week with UCLA so I'll probably get it this weekend.

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Re: Sodium One Salt Shooter
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2010, 09:34:15 PM »
 :BNB: sweet, I have the full sodium game and it is fun to play, I like hover tanks myself so it all works out :) I'm at a level 2 pilot and I hang out at club scorpion a lot. FYI you don't have to wear the flight suit to play the game. If you can get the long range Plasma Cannons and the Multiple Grenade packs from PS Store it helps a lot and you get new stuff for your apartment or loft lol. Also make sure you upgrade your all of your equipment and weapons constantly because you will need it. I can send you a invite to sodium and you will get some free stuff if you like.  :no_teeth:


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