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Pullup improvement
« on: November 15, 2010, 07:50:39 AM »
I was reading through Men's Health Magazine and came across what seems to be a good pullup / chinup improvement workout.  I may give this a try as part of my Buy In with CF, and thought that it may interest others on here.

Step 1.  See where you stand
   "Grab a chinup bar using a shoulder width grip.  Hang at arm's length.  Pull your chest up to the bar, pause for a second and then
slowly lower your body back to the starting postion.  And repeat.  A repetition starts only if you start from a dead hang with your 
arms straight."

Step 2. The workout
    "Do the following routine 2x per week.  Start with half the number of chinups you were able to do during the first step (round to 
nearest whole number and do 3-4 sets per workout.  (So if you did 5 or 6 in the test, then do sets of 3.  Rest 90 seconds
between sets.  Each week cut off 15 seconds of rest between sets.  This means that in week 7 you will do one continuous set
of as many chinups as you can do."


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