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Re: Need help in getting ready to mentor 2nd graders
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A little late posting to this, but when my son was in 2nd grade he was really wanting to make his own video game on the computer to play.   I was excited that he was showing interest so I did a bit of research and came across Scratch   It's a kid friendly method to learn how programs work while making games, animations, stories, etc.

We followed some tutorials and came up with some pretty cool shoot-em up games that were easy for him to understand what was going on.  My favorite game that we did on our own was a Halloween game that involved ghosts and exploding pumpkins.  Had a spooky music track and everything.    I had to help him with some of the logic and I even had some fun with it. 

Now that he's in 3rd going into 4th grade he's started showing interest in wanting to design things in Blender  He even installed it on his own and watched some youtube videos to create a couple of designs.  He's more interested in kicking his old man's ass in Halo these days, but he still picks it up from time to time.

Not much help for your current situation, but it does show that getting them interested in such things at a young age can plant some seeds that could lead them to the next level.


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