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Leaving for Basic soon......
« on: April 25, 2011, 09:05:43 PM »
Its been awhile since I was on.......but I leave for basic training US Army Reserve on May 10th. I will be heading for basic in Ft. Sill, OK and then onto Ft. Sam Houston, TX for AIT. I am be trained as a combat medic. As my last 2 weeks approaches I have found it harder and harder to leave my son. He has been a good boy about it for weeks. Constantly saying how cool it is that his daddy will be an Army man. LOL. But last week he dropped a bomb on me when he told me not to go cause he will miss me. (He is 4 years old by the way) He said that he is going to miss riding in my jeep this summer with the windows off and no top. I know its only going to be 6 months but I am terrified that he will not be the same to me when I come home. I am doing this for both him and myself. I want him to see that its never to late to do something to better yourself. I really want him to come out for my graduation from basic but I don't think his mother is going to let him. All she wants is more money and free insurance. I struggle everyday not being around my son since his mother left me almost 2 years ago. Unlike what most people say time hasn't healed my wounds.

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Re: Leaving for Basic soon......
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2011, 09:31:45 PM »
First off thank you for what you are doing for the country.  There are other Army dads on here that would be able to lend some insight.  I travel for business for 2 weeks at a time nd the kids can't wait to see me when I get back.  You'll be gone longer but I'm sure he'll still love you.

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Re: Leaving for Basic soon......
« Reply #2 on: April 25, 2011, 11:36:09 PM »
like Randy said, thanks for serving.  I have been in the Army for 14 years now, and leaving is never easy.  Especially when they are at this age.  It will seem like it will be going slow for you, but you will be busy to the point that the days fly by.  I have left my kids twice now, each time for a year, and numerous times for a month or so on end.  (My kids are currently 2 and 4).  I just recently returned from Iraq and when i got back, my kids were really excited, and there was very little transition.  While he will change a little while you are gone, it will not be anything drastic.  Just make sure you take advantage of any time that they give you to talk to him, and send him as much letters as you can.  6 months will go by fast.  Feel free to PM or email me if you need to talk.  The goodbye will be hard, but that really is the hardest part.  Once you are gone, know that you have a job to do, don't give up, and drive on and you will be home before you know it.  You mention that you son's mom wants "free insurance."  Is that from the Army?  She will not be entitled to any insurance unless you are married to her and she is a dependent.  Your son will be however.  As far as your son, hopefully his mom (assuming that is where he will be staying) will keep him active and occupied, so that time goes by fast for him.  GOOD LUCK and THANK YOU for serving!


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