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Toyota Cost of Ownership Comparison
« on: January 13, 2013, 06:39:23 AM »
Toyota has long had the reputation for creating reliable, safe, and long lasting vehicles. Important factors such as these may make it easy to assume that a hefty cost would naturally accompany owning such an excellent brand. However, this assumption is incorrect, and Toyota has gone the extra mile in making it simple to see why. With only the click of a button, you have immediate access to the Toyota cost of ownership for any vehicle in the Toyota line. As you would expect, this number takes into account not only the purchase price of the vehicle, but also considerations such as the cost of fuel, depreciation, maintenance, and state fees. What really makes this information stand out is seeing the Toyota cost of ownership compared to that of similar vehicles from other manufacturers, likely vehicles that you are also considering as a purchase possibility. In every comparison the Toyota vehicle comes out on top, which really means that the cost of owning the Toyota is happily at the bottom of the price comparison scale. Thanks to this handy Toyota cost of ownership feature, you have one more reason to feel good about your decision to purchase a Toyota. A vehicle you can count on, and at a cost that is typically thousands of dollars less than that of the competition.


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