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When you are running a business and have an online presence, you want to give your customers a great deal of information. You can do that with words, however, not everyone will stick around to read all about your business. You can always show them what you are about by adding video and streaming media to your website. When you want to do that, you want to have a company like Wowza on your side.

Wowza offers a high performance, high speed media server that provides on-demand streaming of media from your website. Not only will this service work when viewing your site from a computer, it will also work with tablets, mobile devices and IPTV/OTT endpoints. The service you can get from Wowza helps you deliver streaming media at high speeds and quality picture every time.

Along with the media server, your business can also choose from a number of different add-ons that are available. These add-ons will help you transcode your media, provide customers with time-shifted features and integrate digital right management for on demand content.

Your media can be seen live, recorded or on demand with this service, making it convenient for all of your viewers. With a number of premium viewing options, Wowza is versatile for use with any type of business.


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