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Winter Care Tips for Your Lawn Mower
« on: May 11, 2014, 08:48:54 PM »
As you pull your lawn mower out of the garage at the end of the winter, you may discover it's not running as well as it used to -- or possibly not at all. Lawn mowers are used heavily all summer long and then stashed away in cold, sometimes damp environments, so it's no wonder that they sometimes fall apart when it's time to use them again. Fortunately, a little extra maintenance before you put them away can help to prevent this kind of disrepair. Here are some things to do before you stash your lawn mower next winter.

1. Empty Out the Gas Tank

When your mower is left full of unused gas all winter long, the gas can rust the carburetor. Before you stow it away, siphon all the gas out of it into a clean can. You don't have to throw the gas away -- as long as there's no oil mixed in with it, you can actually use it in your car.

2. Clean Underneath

Remove the mower blade. With a wire brush and putty knife, clean off all the mud, grass, and other yard junk stuck to the bottom of the mower. This helps to prevent rust and clear your mower's discharge chute passageway.

3. Replace Anything That Needs Replacing

If you have parts that need to be replaced on your mower, do it before putting it away for the winter. You can easily order lawn mower parts from Arnold Parts so you have everything on hand. This is a good time to change out your lawn mower's air filter, if you haven't done so yet over the summer.

Doing a basic tune-up on your mower before hiding it in the shed or the garage means you'll have to do less work when you haul it back out again in the spring. Follow these tips to better prepare it next year!


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