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4 Easy Steps to Keeping Your Home Looking and Doing Great
« on: October 03, 2014, 06:18:14 PM »
You don't have to live in a mansion to take pride in the way your home looks. However, no matter the size of your dwelling, all homes need regular maintenance to look nice and reduce the effects of aging and weathering. With regular maintenance and preventative measures, you can revitalize your home and lessen the chance of major repairs.

1. Cleaning Debris (Every two to three weeks)

Debris naturally accumulates as leaves fall, your lawn gets mowed, and wind blows garbage around. If you regularly sweep and rake debris from your property, it is aesthetically pleasing as well as helping to prevent damage to your home. It also eliminates areas where pests could reside.

2. Checking Gutters and Drains (Every season)

While not all homes have gutters, many of them do. If they aren't checked and cleaned at least once a year, especially after a heavy storm, they can become clogged with debris, which leads to slow drains and unexpected overflowing gutters. Given enough time, the gutters can clog completely, causing serious problems and resulting in costly repairs; however, with regular maintenance, the gutters and drain will work at their peak performance.

3. Inspecting for Leaks (Weather dependent)

Wooden siding, roofs and other enclosed areas may develop leaks as they undergo the wear that weather can impose. When leaking areas aren't repaired, it could result in serious water damage both inside and outside. A quick inspection can catch small leaks early and make it an easy repair.

4. Cleaning Surfaces (Every one to two seasons)

Many beautiful plants can leave residue on houses, paths and driveways after their berries and flowers fall off. While you can attempt to clean it yourself, a professional pressure washing company like Renew Crew has the equipment to get the job done faster and easier. After they safely remove any residue from your home's siding, fences and concrete, they can also treat the areas to ensure that the wear from future debris is minimized.
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