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Starting the Process To Drill American Oil
« on: January 29, 2015, 08:55:31 PM »
Many people in the United States believe that drilling for oil on our own land would be cost effective and save the public countless dollars. Until recently, the government want to strictly use the oil provided by other countries. There were valid reasons for this approach, which will be discussed in a later paragraph, but things have started to change. Now, we are looking towards the future of drilling American oil for our own use which will lead to several benefits for citizens of the country.

Why We Chose to Postpone US Drilling

One of the main reasons the government wanted to postpone drilling on American soil for oil was because we did not want to exhaust our resources too quickly. Since oil is a non-renewable resource, we chose to purchase oil from other countries prior to locating oil on our own land. This lead to more expensive gas prices as well as agreements between countries.

Another reason is because of the laws in place around the country. In order to drill oil, you must first find it. To find it you must search through a drilling process. If oil is found, you have to own the land in order to drill for it. Many people do not want to give up their family homes so that oil can be drilled.

While the laws have not changed, the approach has. New companies such as Sentry Energy Production LLC have formed for the purpose of development and exploration of these areas. Many homeowners in the targeted areas are also approaching the matter in a positive way now that gas prices have declined due in part to these efforts. They may also be more inclined to take part as a way to strengthen the American government. Either way, the process to start drilling for oil, among other things has officially begun.

How Companies are Doing This

The approach to locating and beginning the drilling of oil must first begin with the leasing of oil, gas, and mineral rights. The laws in the United states state that the owners of the land own the surface rights as well as what is below the surface for a certain length of space. Instead of purchasing land to risk not finding anything worth drilling, companies are leasing the rights of the surface land. If they find the oil or minerals, they give a bonus to the landowner for signing by a certain date. If the agreement is signed, a royalty is paid to the owner of the land.

Benefits for Americans

The biggest benefit that Americans will notice is the continued reduction in gas prices all over the country. We had reached all time records in a bad way. Gas had gotten way too expensive and just recently, we noticed a drop in these prices. This has been beyond amazing for the American consumer as gas is a necessity and it had become difficult to maintain.

Another benefit is that it will create more jobs for the American people. We can employ our own people to locate and drill our own gas. This is the definition of American and we are becoming even more independent. Once we get started, this will help the economy prosper in many ways. The future looks bright for the United States.

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