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“Safety First” is Not Enough
« on: May 22, 2015, 02:58:01 PM »
Here's a post I made on safety B)

‘Safety First’: Nowadays it seems that is more of a phrase we say, than something we practice and teach. It should be more of a creed than a mere slogan. Even more so when it comes to the question of the safety of your children. How often do you come across such benign precepts in the course of your daily activities? But more often than not, most parents tend to overlook them without even pausing to spare a second thought. It takes an untoward incident to shatter this sort of passivity anchored in a parent’s mindset.

Ask Yourself
Safety measures are not for reading or preaching, but rather for practicing in your daily life. For example, when you by chance to pass by a sign that reads: ‘Look to your right, then left and then again right before crossing the road’-how many times do you bother to ask yourself: ‘why should I pass through so many rituals to simply get over to the other side?’ Likewise, each and every ‘golden rule’ comes with such practical explanations if, of course, you are inclined to discern and take time to share it with your child. This process of self-tutoring not only bolsters your personal safety, but raises the general awareness level of both you and your child. Have you ever taken the trouble to drive home such basic concepts in your own child? If not, this is the perfect time.

Make Learning a Rewarding Exercise
Little children are ready learners. Tender minds are flexible and easily adaptable different learning methods. A great way of teaching them is by creating examples for them to follow. As the custodian of your child, no one else is more favorably disposed to instill positive habits in them as you. Instead of chanting dreary examples, lead by example. Follow a routine of "Do’s and Don’ts" yourself such as crossing the road attentively, carefully tying shoes to prevent falls, and avoiding potentially dangerous situations, will teach your child firsthand how to practice safety.

Look Beyond Yourself
Personal awareness does not end there. Rather, this is the starting point. Once you have inculcated and reasonably developed the safety habits in yourself and in your child, be sure to reach out for others around you to spread these sensible practices among your near and dear ones. Make sure that those around your child practice safety, especially their friends. This will ensure that they will be safe even without your constant supervision, especially as they learn to fend for themselves. While seeing off your little one on the school bus or at the school gate, instead of the usual saying ‘Take care’, usher them off with a new phrase: “Take care all around.”

Once these important lessons are instilled in your child, they will carry them throughout their childhood years, and even share it with other friends and classmates as well. Taking small steps slowly but steadily forward in the direction of standard safety measures will ensure the safety of your child and the friends that they surround themselves with. This can make a world of difference in preventing accidents.


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