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Extend the Life of Your Sofa with New Foam
« on: June 30, 2015, 06:51:27 PM »
Your sofa may be one of the busiest seating areas in your home. The upholstery and frame will stand up for many years, but the couch foam may compress over time. Replace it for additional years of comfort.

Before you begin, there a few considerations to keep in mind. Foam density matters and can have a significant impact on the longevity of your replacement project. Choose a firm foam if your couch suffers a lot of wear and tear. The initial cost is a little higher than softer foams, but it will hold up under heavy use. The best quality has a life span of up to 16 years. In comparison, medium-quality foam will hold up for 7 years.

When you are replacing the foam, you may also want to redo the back cushions as well. For this application, super-soft foam provides more comfort when you are leaning against the back of the sofa. Not quite as durable as the foam you used for the seat, it has a life span of about five years.

Regular closed-cell foam works fine for indoor sofas. If you want to upgrade your outdoor sofas, you will want to choose dryfast foam because of its superior drying properties.

The Foam Factory carries a wide range of foam products that you will want to consider before you make your purchasing decision. It offers pre-made foam cushion fillers that will fit many styles of sofas, including L- and T-shape pieces for seats. Accurate measurements ensure you get the right cushions for you furniture.

If your sofa is an odd size or shape, or if you just like to do things for yourself, a large foam block is the solution to your replacement needs. Order one of these, get out your electric knife, trim the foam to the size and shape you want and you are more than halfway to renovating your old sofa.

No matter where you shop for foam, it is always a big help if a website includes tips and instructions for DIY projects. The tutorials on measuring, wrapping the foam with Dacron fiberfill sheets and inserting the cushion filler into its covering are priceless, making a daunting task very manageable for anyone who has basic home improvement skills.

Quality furniture is a significant investment. Replacing prematurely aged sofa cushions will give an old couch a new life for a few more years.

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