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Simple Tips for Conserving Electricity
« on: July 28, 2015, 09:16:17 AM »
Parents who want to save money on their monthly electric bill can move closer to this goal by talking with their kids about conserving electricity. There are a number of simple things that families can do to cut down on their daily consumption of electricity. Take a look at a few useful reminders that parents can give to their kids.

Turn Off the Computer at Night

Sometimes kids and parents alike find it easier to put the laptop into the sleep mode at the end of an evening instead of shutting the computer down. Unfortunately, a computer that is in sleep mode is still consuming electricity. Parents should teach their children the importance of turning off the computer and unplugging it at night. Though it takes more time to get the computer up and running in the morning, it will contribute to saving on the monthly electric bill.

Unplugging Kitchen Appliances

Parents should teach their kids the importance of unplugging the toaster, microwave and blender after using them. An appliance that is plugged in is draining electricity even if it’s not in operation. Kids that get into the habit of unplugging these appliances after using them can help keep the household’s electric bill under control. For more tips like this one, parents may want to do something like check out Palmco on Twitter to learn from the experts.

Turning Off the Lights

Turning off the lights before leaving a room is a lesson that many of today’s parents heard from their own parents. It is still a practice that can help conserve electricity. Kids should be taught to turn off the lights in the bathroom, their bedroom and even click off the outside lights as they leave for school each day. Many young kids will be happy to play a part in saving their family money!

Set a Time Limit on Cellphone Charging

Parents can relay to their kids the importance of unplugging their cellphone charger once the phone’s battery is 100 percent charged. A kid can reduce the amount of electricity used in this process by unplugging the charger shortly after the charging is complete.

Kids who learn these conservation tips along with others from their parents are more likely to put them into practice as adults. Hopefully, they will teach their own kids these tips and pass along this critical information to the next generation.

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