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Run Your Own Ice Cream Business
« on: October 20, 2015, 08:12:02 AM »
We all scream for it and customers line up for it in shops and at events across the country. But because ice cream sales have a low profit margin, costs must be kept low. This is important for the commercial retailer and is especially important for the organization conducting a fundraiser. If expenses can be kept down, it is more for the charity or group providing the fundraiser.

One area where costs must be kept in check is serving materials such as bowls, spoons and cones. Few things can affect the bottom line of sales like ice cream shop supplies. Overpaying for serving materials will make an otherwise profitable enterprise into a loss.

But price isn’t the only factor to consider when shopping for supplies. Appearance and quality of the materials do matter. Dull and bland serving utensils will turn off customers. On the other hand, shiny, brightly colored bowls and spoons create a positive, fun image, exemplifying the purpose of serving and eating ice cream. It is intended as a fun, leisure activity and the bright colors of serving materials enhance the theme.

Quality is another factor that can’t be ignored. Spoons that break easily or leaky ice cream cups frustrate customers, will give them a negative experience and keep them from returning. Lack of repeat business will force a shop to close its doors sooner rather than later.

Being Earth friendly serves a dual purpose of protecting the environment and promoting the business as a socially conscious enterprise. Since most ice cream serving items are disposable, providing biodegradable items makes a statement to customers. Earth choice materials, such as those offered by Gelato Products, can help make such a statement.

Finally, the ability to buy in bulk is another indispensable factor to be considered. Economies of scale become vital to a low profit margin business or fundraising event. The ability to purchase items by the hundreds makes the cost per item drop significantly. This is especially true with nonperishable items used in the ice cream business. No business expects a dozen or two dozen customers. Buying in bulk anticipates customer flow and recognizes the need to have the supplies on hand to meet it.

The intelligent ice cream shop enterprise will search for supplies meeting all of these factors and choose the cost effective, customer friendly materials that present a positive image. To remain competitive and profitable, making the right choice of supplies is imperative.

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