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Post Divorce Home and Auto Insurance
« on: January 06, 2016, 09:38:24 PM »
Men who are facing a divorce or separation often experience changes that affect who they get their home and auto insurance from. Embarking on a new single lifestyle is a perfect time to consider changing the companies where you get your insurance. If you decide that now is the time for a switch, here are some things to consider.

Timing Matters

The first thing you have to know before switching insurance companies are the rules for doing so in your state. Some states require that you quit one company simultaneously with starting with another, meaning you have to have signed up for new insurance before you can leave your old carrier. This ensures that there is no gap in your coverage, a good idea even if your state does not require it by law. Some companies do offer same day insurance.


It is essential that your old carrier be fully aware of what you are doing. Don't simply stop paying premiums on your old policy and assume they will just assume you quit. Instead, they may think you are late in getting your payment in and possibly take actions that will reflect poorly on your credit. Call your soon to be former carrier and ask them what their formal canceling procedure is.

Get a Refund

When a policy is canceled midway, you may be entitled to a refund on any unused premiums. However, such a refund is likely to be lessened by an administration fee. Don't forget to speak up, your carrier may not tell you about their refund policies unless you ask.

Two From One

If your new living arrangements mean that you are changing both your home and auto insurance, then consider getting both from one source. Savings and conveniences offered for one type of insurance are likely to be offered in a similar way for the other. It also makes paying the premiums less of a hassle since you are only dealing with one company. For example, if you are looking for some home and auto insurance Anaheim area-based, then here's an option.

Time for Change

Becoming single again can be a good time to take advantage of opportunities to make changes that you might not otherwise have considered. When it comes to changing your home or auto insurance carriers, now may be an ideal time to do so.

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