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Goin' Fishin (NSFW/NSFK)
« on: March 14, 2016, 08:52:54 PM »
An old redneck wakes up one morning and decides to go fishing.

Redneck: Honey, We're a goin' fishin' today!
Wife: ...But I don't wanna! 
Redneck: Woman, you've got just three choices: Go fishin', suck me off, or take it up the rear."
Wife: Well can I at least ponder on it?
Redneck: Sure but make it quick.. Im'ma go load the dog up..

*Redneck walks outside and doesn't come back for about 20 minutes*

Redneck: You'ns made up yo mind yet!?
Wife: Well I still don't wanna go fishin and you ain't stickin' it in my rear again..

*Redneck unzips and drops his drawers and without hesitation, his wife begins sucking but almost immediately stops and looks at him with a disgusted look.*

Wife: This tastes like shit!
Redneck: Dog didn't wanna go fishin' neither!

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Re: Goin' Fishin (NSFW/NSFK)
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Re: Goin' Fishin (NSFW/NSFK)
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