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What To Consider Before Hiring An Attorney
« on: November 14, 2017, 06:57:07 PM »

In any kind of legal matter where you are trying to win money for an injury, you're going to need an attorney. Workers comp is a perfect example of this. A workers comp attorney Portland Oregon service exists for the sole reason to stand up for your rights after you are injured at work. In some occupations, injury is more likely than other. A personal injury attorney has the burden of proving that you were injured due to negligence on the part of the employer or some malfunction on the part of devices on the job.

Employer negligence

If safety standards were violated and it resulted in your injury, you may have a personal injury lawsuit possibility. For example, if there was a safety clause in your contract or safety standards at work that an employer failed to adhere to, then your injury may have been caused by negligence and you may have a lawsuit you can pursue.

Machinery accidents

Machinery on the job should be up to date and adhere to safety standards in your industry. If an employer knowingly or even unknowingly kept malfunctioning machinery on the job and had you working on it, then your injury could have been the result of negligence.

Co-worker mishaps

If another co-worker failed to adhere to safety standards and you were on the job, for example if there was a spill that someone failed to clean up, then your employer may still be accountable for your injury. In fact, anything in the environment or due to human error in the work environment may have indeed caused the accident.

There are a number of things at work that can lead to unsafe work conditions and injury. If you've been the victim of that kind of accident, you can sue your employer or even perhaps co-workers who were responsible for your accident. Most companies have an extensive set of safety regulations that they hold themselves accountable for. There are times when an employer will even settle a workers comp case before it goes to court when they realize that they have been negligent with their employees. There's no reason to wait. If you've been injured, your employer may owe you for much more than just lost wages. Whenever possible, employers will settle out of court and help you.

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