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Why Organic Products Are Better For Your Baby
« on: November 20, 2017, 11:16:56 AM »

Most parents are willing to go to any length to keep their babies safe, healthy and happy. For a lot of those same parents, this will include only giving your baby organic baby products to use or eat from reputable companies such as There is a never-ending amount of blogs and articles to read online about why you should give your baby organic food and products. However, not many parents understand exactly why they should only offer organic. Below are some top reasons and information about why organic products are best for your little ones.

Organic Versus Non-Organic

The decision whether a parent wants to spend the extra time and money giving their baby all organic foods and products is a big one. If you add GMOs into the mix as well, you will really begin to see the debates on which is best heat up. On one side of the spectrum, many parents and researchers will suggest that organic products are healthier because they do not contain many chemicals used in conventional products. The other side, the more conventional group of parents, will ascertain that organic-based foods and products are no healthier than their non-organic counterparts.

Cost And Chemicals

When you decide whether or not to treat your baby to organic products or not, you have to consider the cost and chemicals of choosing to. The pro-conventional groups will say that the cost of the organic products is not worth it. They say they have studies, quotes and other statistics needed to back up their claims. The pro-organic side of the spectrum will say that the amount of chemicals that are found in the baby products and foods are enough to outweigh the extra cost of the products. They also have their own set of studies, statistics and expert opinions to back up their own claims as well.

Organic Cotton For Babies

Cotton is one of the most available and affordable fabrics available on the market. Cotton is a very popular product for baby clothes because it is very soft on their skin and it doesn't usually cause any irritation to most. It is very durable and most often used for all things in the baby product world such as for bedding, bibs, burp rags and cloth diapers. However, for the organic-lovers out there, cotton comes with its own set up dirty statistics. It is said that the crops which grow cotton are heavily associated with pesticide and chemical use. These chemicals can have a huge impact on both the environment and the consumers, especially those with sensitive skin such as babies and young children. Organic cotton is grown without the use of any traditional forms of pesticide. This means that anything made out of the organic cotton will be free from any chemicals.

The decision to move from non-organic products to completely organic ones is a very personal choice. No one should ever judge or shame another parent for the choices they make for their babies. It is usually a choice made with the best in mind for their kids. If you do decide to move to more organic products, it doesn't have to be done all at once. Small changes here and there over time can be a much easier and affordable option for many families.

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