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Tips for Planning a Family Vacation for Less
« on: November 30, 2017, 08:11:28 PM »

Whether you have a single child or multiple kids, you know that planning a family vacation can cost more than you want to spend and more than your family can afford. When your kids are younger, you can get by with trips close to home because they don't know any better. As your kids age though, they'll likely want to go to amusement parks and on exciting adventures that they can share with their friends. Regardless of how much money you have in your vacation budget, you can still find some ways to spend less on your trip.

Consider Camping

Camping is a suitable alternative for those looking to travel for less. Major amusement parks like Disney World are close to campgrounds that charge $100 or less per night, though you will need to bring your own camping gear. Some of these campgrounds have cabins, yurts and/or trailers that you can rent for a few nights too. Camping is typically more affordable than staying in a hotel room.

Look for Extras

No matter where you decide to stay, find out if there are any extra features that you can take advantage of while on your trip. A hotel that offers a full breakfast in the morning can help you save on the cost of eating out. You can even grab individual boxes of cereal, fruit and other items to bring back to your room for snacks and smaller meals later. Some hotels have their own water parks and clubs for kids that offer activities for younger children as well as teenagers.

Check for Discounts

Call the hotel or campground in advance to ask about any discounts it offers for local attractions. Many parks, museums and other attractions partner with local hotels and allow those hotels to sell tickets to those attractions for a discounted rate. You can often purchase your tickets and have the price added to your bill before you check in at the front desk. Hotels usually have tourist areas filled with brochures too that have coupons in the back. If you don't have any luck talking to the front desk, contact the chamber of commerce or the tourism department in the city to find out about discounts.

Rent a House

Many people stick to hotels when planning vacations because they want to stay close to the top attractions in the area. Staying in a hotel comes with some hassles though. You'll have a room right next to one or two other rooms that may house some noisy neighbors, and your family will find themselves waiting in line to check in, try out the pool and use any other amenities. Renting a house lets you have your own private place. You can get multiple bedrooms, a full kitchen and amenities like flat-screen televisions for less than a hotel room would cost.

Plan Last Minute

Though some people recommend that you plan family vacations months in advance, you can save quite a bit when you wait until the last minute. Dozens of websites specialize in last-minute trip deals. You can get a package with a flight and a hotel room or a room and a rental car for less than it would cost to book just one. Not only can you save money on your trip, but you can search for deals to destinations as close to or as far away from your home as your family would like.

Get More Cash

If you really want to take a trip and don't have the cash for one, look for ways to make some extra money for that trip. You can go through your home and gather things you no longer need, want or use like clothing and toys your kids outgrew or kitchen gadgets that you just used once. A yard sale lets you make money off those items. Selling old electronics is another way to make some extra cash, but you might consider taking out a dependable loan too. LoanConnect offers loans of different sizes for vacations and other uses. Getting together some extra money and using some simple tips will help you plan a family vacation to any destination for less.

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