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Buy Online to Reduce Your Horse Ownership Costs
« on: March 16, 2018, 07:43:39 PM »

Horse ownership as a hobby or a business involves certain expenses that cannot be ignored. Not only do equines require adequate feed, housing and turnout areas with safe fencing, but they also have specific health needs. Veterinarians recommend all horses receive annual vaccinations to prevent tetanus, equine encephalomyelitis and flu in the spring. These basic shots should be given twice within the first six months of the first year, and annually thereafter. In warmer climates where mosquitoes are prevalent, horses should also get a semi-annual vaccination to prevent West Nile and Potomac Horse Fever. Many horse owners also schedule an annual rabies vaccination for their equines that must be given by a licensed veterinarian who will file the necessary report.

Some horse owners feel comfortable administering some IM injections, but other  vaccines are only available with a veterinary prescription. In addition to the recommended annual or semi-annual vaccinations, horses should also be wormed on a regular basis to prevent internal parasites. There are various deworming products available, and it is recommended a rotation schedule is used to prevent parasite resistance. Most equine owners are able to treat their own animals for worms, but some horses can put up quite a fight. In addition to the paste wormers, there are also liquid, pelleted and powdered versions that can be added to the grain ration. Unfortunately, many horses are able to detect the medication in their feed and refuse to eat it, so the owner may need help from a vet or trainer.

Horses are large and powerful animals with most weighing in at more than a thousand pounds. Sometimes people believe the athletic ability of their horses means they are able to perform well with little or no preparation. This is not true because equines athletes need time and training to build up their muscles and to prevent damage to their joints. The incredible strength required of performance horses often results in subtle joint and muscle damage followed by the eventual development of arthritis. In addition to the physical stress placed on hard-working performance horses, other equine ailments such as ulcers require regular supplementation to maintain a healthy and useful life.

Equines that develop varying degrees of lameness or a reluctance to work should be evaluated by a veterinarian. The animal may need a daily supplement to reduce inflammation and pain, so a medical diagnosis is needed to determine what is required. The veterinary clinic will be able to provide whatever supplement or medication is needed, or the owner can visit Vet Products Direct for horse supplements at a lower cost.

Experienced horse owners know horses often sustain minor injuries they can treat, so it is essential to keep a supply of bandages and wound treatment products on hand.
In addition to health related products, online stores typically carry a variety of supplies including insect repellents, tack and other horse related products. Grooming products, equine shampoos and conditioners are helpful in keeping horses looking shiny and well-kept.

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