Author Topic: Roethlisberger injured in a motorcycle accident w/o helmet  (Read 1761 times)

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Roethlisberger injured in a motorcycle accident w/o helmet
« on: June 12, 2006, 05:41:10 PM »
I remember when Kellen Winslow Jr wiped out his bike, and his season with the Cleveland Browns in a one person accident (did you see that video?) and Roethlisberger was interviewed saying that he won't wear a helmet.  And now his face planted into a windshield and a ton of questions are being raised.

This could be a sports topic because of who he is, but I've put it in this section because I wonder what everyone thinks about riding without helmets.  (Despite being a Browns fan, I've really liked Big Ben)

As far as the sports area is concerned, I have two thoughts:  1) It should be up to the NFL teams to have the clauses they're comfortable with in order to help protect their multi-million dollar investments.  2) I understand the adventure side of the athletes, but if they're wearing helmets on the field for practice sessions, then why the hell would they refuse to wear one on a motorcycle at 70mph?!

"Oh, but these sports guys are in it for the adreneline, they crave it, that's why we love them!"  I disagree.  These are kids (I'm getting old) 18-25 years old with the money and ambition giving them a freedom that most of us never have the opportunity to realize.  When I was in that age group, I wanted the same toys (I hoped for a dirtbike) and had the same kind of "rush through life" attitude.  Give any kid in that age group ten million bucks and 5 months with nothing to do and see what happens.

But here's the issue that lawmakers should consider:  Helmets should be required for all states across the board.  Some states have a law, and others are optional, but I can't understand it.  Everyone is required to wear seatbelts, children are required to be in proper carseats, we're required to be harnessed in amusement park rides, and today's society is pushing for laws for children to wear helmets on bicycles.  Why is a helmet law for motorcycles not strengthened?  It seems to me that this is because of the legacy of the motorcycle hey-days... when Hell's Angels ruled the roads, war vets wanted to ride with freedom, and movies were made cooler without the helmets.  This legacy should be outdated by now and things should have changed.

If a guy cracks his skull, it's got nothing to do with me, right?  The amount of money it takes to put Humpty back together again has to be paid from somewhere, and it's generally going to be insurance which will get passed right on down to us.  Not to mention, the bed and care that he'll be reserving could be better used for another sort of trauma.

Can you imagine the infamy that the other driver will receive when everyone finds out that they've sacked Pittsburgh's most famous QB since Bradshaw?

Why, in today's era of safety belts, airbags, and a heap of adult versions of childlocks all around us~ are helmets not required for these bikes?
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