Author Topic: Work At Home Dads: Are You Getting Respect?  (Read 2034 times)

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Work At Home Dads: Are You Getting Respect?
« on: January 26, 2009, 03:56:54 PM »
Okay, so you’re the one elected to stay home and watch the kids, but does that mean you can’t earn a good living working from home at the same time? You can if you know what to do. Don’t you want to feel more productive? You are entitled to be a whole person and live your own life. Are you ready to make a great part time income working from home?

Today, many men are staying home and doing their part to raise the kids. That doesn’t mean they can’t make a substantial contribution to family financial affairs. That doesn’t mean they aren’t entitled to respect. You don’t have to sacrifice your dreams.

Some of the things you have to do if you want to get the respect you deserve and make a good living working from home are:

Analyze what you are good at.

Determine what you like to do.

Assess how much time you have available.

Conference with you mate on what you plan to do.

Start searching for the right opportunity.

Avoid scams and costly investments.

Trust your instincts.

Be prepared to network with family and friends.

Make your own To Do list.

Be creative.

Use your imagination.

Make a decision and stick to it.

Role reversal may be the order of the day, but that doesn’t mean you are not still the man of the house. Your children need a father figure: someone they can look up to and emulate. You are that person. You can show them what it means to be a success, and a kind and caring father at the same time while working from home.

So what kind of an opportunity are you looking for? What can you do from home that will yield you a substantial income and a great sense of satisfaction at the same time? What can you do that will cost you absolutely nothing and give you a real potential for success? What can you do that will have your children and your mate looking up to you with respect?

I won’t keep you in suspense any longer. You can build a team of people all working from their homes who make money shopping on the Internet and buying what they already shop for at bargain prices on their own malls filled with over 1000 top notch stores completely set up for you free. This is a win, win situation. You can invite other work at home fathers to join you and get an override on every purchase they make. You are entitled to the income and the respect that you will earn.


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Re: Work At Home Dads: Are You Getting Respect?
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2009, 07:42:47 PM »
Where do i sign up for this work at home. As im unable to work anywhere eles as i have bad medical conditions that prevent me from walking more then a few feet and ive never worked in an office type setting. Mostly done firefighting and ski patroling all of my life before i became disabled. And for the last 6 years ive done nothing but sit at home id love to beable to do some kind of work. Thank you...



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